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  • CS Series 4CH
  • CS Series 4CH
CS Series 4CHCS Series 4CH

CS Series 4CH

  • Class TD Consuming
  • 4 Channels
  • Class TD Consuming
  • Class TD Consuming
  • Product description:

CS Series

CS SERIES the Class TD circuit, it can reach the high efficiency of Class D and ensure the perfect sound quantity and powerful output of Class AB.

Nowadays, it is common to see different kinds of power amplifiers on the basis of different output circuitry. Usually, it is divided into Class A , AB, D, H , G , and TD and so on. In the field of professional power amplifiers, stability is vital as well as sound quality.

Class AB is able to achieve 50% efficiency. But class H, which is upgraded from Class AB, employing the technology of hierarchical power supply can improve the efficiency to 65%. In this way, 1/ 3 efficiency still could not be made full use of.

However, based on the design ideas of class H, another design idea comes out , which is employing class D, namely Modulated power supply to drive the out put stage of class AB so as to reach the same efficiency as class D. Actually, it is surprise to get efficiency about 85% and tone quality as well as that of cl ass AB in the practical application.

Class AB Consuming Class 3H Consuming Class TD Consuming

As below , it is the diagrammatic sketch that describes heat dissipation condition of Class AB, H and I. Red area indicates information of heat dissipation and efficiency. Bigger the red area is, more heat dissipation and lower efficiency it will be.But class dignifying power, with such high efficiency and great power valve, which could work well under low pipe pressure without being burnt out by over heating, makes safety of ultra-high-power products under control. Meanwhile, it improves load capacity, which is also very important for professional power amplifiers. Taking all these advantages into consideration, TD series indicate better quality of professional power amplifiers.

Technology standards: All AI and SMD production process, highly improve the readability and consistency.

Market Positioning: CS series is designed for high class sound reinforcement, ensured by its strong and powerful output power at 8/4/2 ohms.

Low noise: No noise when in static mode. When installed in room, no noise worries to enjoy the music.
Good sound quality: Thick LF, sweet MF and fine HF. Suitable for long-term music without uncomfortable feelings
High Efficiency: Output high efficiency, good cooling, Energy saving, Environmental
Soft protection:  Work even at low resistance and over heat. Continued output, stable performance and reliable work.

Small Size: 3U height, small depth, convenient to install in rack and space saving.












Frequency response

20 Hz – 20 kHz(0.5~-1.5dB)



S/N Rate

>90 dB

Damping factor



>70 dB

Slew Rate


Input Sensitivity

26dB/32 dB/41dB

Input impedance


10kΩ/20 kΩ

Voltage Gain(8ohm)



Topology category

Class TD


Air flow from front to rear


Soft start, DC, Short Circuit, Over load, Clip,Over Heat, Progressive Volume



Balance XLR Male/Female


Binding Post NL4 Speakon


Front Panel Function

Power,Signal VU, Clip, Protection,Power on, Volume control

Rear Panel Function

StereoParallelInput SensitivityPower


Non-plug IEC Power Cord/AC220V/50HZ. ±10%



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