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About us

Foshan CS Audio Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd.

Company profile

FoShanCS Audio Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, primarily provide market professional first-class and high-tech amplifier products.


Since the establishment in 2008, CS Audio had won the trust and support from the customers all over world with the creative management concept, sincere service attitude, aggressive spirit, even reliability.


In order to assure customers the quality, CS Audio thoroughly chose high quality materials for amp products, thus reached ISO9002 international standards, and reached CE certification standards as well,. Thanks to the massive materials procurement from raw materials suppliers, with which we could therefore build up the solid and permanent relationships, and from which thus we could get the most preferential price as well. Namely we could offer clients products with very competitive price in similar products. And CS amplifier products had reached America UL certification system by strict quality control, so as to make sure our amp products up to highest quality in audio field.

International standard production environment and manufacturing capabilities

Several automated assembly lines available to make sure the production process more advanced, stable and reliable; all kinds of integral experimental apparatus available to make sure our top-ranking research and production ability.

Lean Production Management System

CS Audio Quality of the products is taken as the life of enterprise, pay high attention to quality management as well, simultaneously factory has already produced in accordance with the world's most advanced "LP model" with ISO9001 quality management system and customized management system.、

Diversified R & D team

R & D team consists of a special power supply research center, digital amplifier research center, DSP software research center, amplification system research center, video systems research center. And now, audio processing products integration sharply reduce costs and improve efficiency by our deep research.

After sales service

After sales service team would take good care of the technical problems for customers, and meanwhile improve the level of service continually, so that we can assure customers the reliable quality to achieve co-win goals for both.


Hope that our cooperation is a kind of thought; is a kind of depth as well.

And hope our cooperation is valuable, long-term business relationships as well!


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